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Middle Earth Battles

< The War of the Ring was the large war at the end of the Third Age on the Earth of the Medium, between Sauron, Saroumane, its ally of circumstance, and the People Free and which was completed by the destruction of the Single Ring and the final fall of Sauron. It was held in three acts: the attack of the forces of Saroumane against Rohan, the attack of Sauron and its allies against Gondor is its allies in north, the counter-attack of Gondor against Mordor and the Elves against Fraud Guldur.
Battles of the last alliance
It is impossible to begin these pages without speaking about what was at the origin even of the war against the evil: the fall of Sauron and the last alliance of the men and the Elves.
In 3430 2A was concluded between Elendil, King d' Arnor and of Gondor, and Gil-galad, High King of the Elves of the Earth of the Medium, an alliance intended to overcome Sauron. It gathered in Arnor and went in 3434 2A towards Mordor gained the Battle of Dagorlad. At the end of a seven year old seat during which place of many battles and skirmishes had, Sauron was finally reversed in 3441 2A. If the tower of Barad-dûr were shaven, Gil-galad, Elendil and Anárion were killed and, more important still, the Single Ring was not destroyed but was not preserved by Isildur.
Of memory of Elrond, the army of the Last Alliance is largest and most glorious which the Earth of the Medium saw since the Army of Valinor went through Beleriand to overcome Morgoth at the end of the First Age. But during this war, of many Beautiful People perished, which seriously accentuated the decline of the Elves on the Earth of the Medium and many were those which crossed then the Sea starting from the Gray Harbours.
As of February 25, Saroumane launches its attack against Rohan, its forces, made up of Orcs and of Dunlendings, are blocked first of all with the fords of Isen, then manage to join the fortress of Extremely-the-Horn which they attack without success, then that they besiege, at the time of the Battle of Hornburg .
sorry for the fans of film but the elves were not with the pit of Helm to fight, one will see that they were then with the catches with the troops of Mordor
During this time, Ents put at bag Isengard, then Huorns moved towards the Pit of Helm where, with the counter-attack of the cavalry of Théoden, they crush the enemies, March 4.
The images of the attack of Ents is in their presentation, to see the characters of the good.
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