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Middle Earth Battles

Sauron attacs
About March 12, Sauron begins simultaneously its attack against Lórien starting from Dol Guldur and Gondor, its objective principal, since Minas Morgul and Mordor. Several time, the Elves of Gilded Wood pushes back the attackers, who redirect themselves towards the north of Rohan, where they are beaten by Ents.
March 15, the forces of Fraud Guldur reach the north of the Black Forest, where they are beaten by the army of Elves of king Thranduil. The Eastern ones arrive at the north of Rhovanion, in the area of Dale, defended by the Men of Esgaroth, Dale, and the Dwarves of Erebor. The enemies, Orcs, Trolls, Eastern and Suderons, some going up of terrible műmakil, invaded the Fields of Pelennor and King Sorcier inserts the doors of Undermined Tirith besieged, but the arrival of the riders of Rohan, then fleet of Aragorn, captured in Pelargir, allow to gain the Battle of the Fields of Pelennor.
But on March 17, after three days of rough combat, the Battle of Dale is a defeat, kings Brand and Dáin Foot-with Acier falls, the Men and the Dwarves are obliged to cut off themselves in the Solitary Mountain and to hold the seat vis-a-vis with the Eastern ones.
In film one starts with the attack of Osgiliath, or Faramir must beat first once in retirement, his/her father returns it to the load, in against suicide...
Only the clearness of Gandalf and its will have will allow résister!
In order to divert the glance of Sauron of Mordor, where Frodon tries to join the Mount of the Destiny to destroy the Ring there, the Army of Occident moves on March 18 towards the doors of Morannon, which it reaches on March 24. The following day, a gigantic army flows out of Mordor and is about to sweep any resistance when Frodon and Sam make a success of their Search: the Single Ring is finally destroyed. With the fall of Sauron, its armies of disperse and are beaten.
March 27, Hand-barrow II and Thorin III leave Erebor and drive out the Eastern ones of Rhovanion definitively. Celeborn and Thranduil cross the Black Forest, that they will re-elect the Wood-of-Green-Sheets, and put in rout the remainder of the troops of Fraud Guldur, of which it destroy the foundations.
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