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Middle Earth

Tolkien A entirely describe and to imagine a continent and a new world for of the world of the Earth of the Medium. It thus acted of true a defie for Peter Jackson and his team to represent seslieux extraordinary. It was especially a defie not to disappoint the fans, and even sometimes fanattic !
The diversity of the decorations, of the landscapes is quite simply impressionannt, I here will try to show principal the place, and if possible their history...
Middle Earth is the large central continent of Arda. Its origin comes from first boulversement of morphology of Ground, when Melkor reversed the two large pillars of light, Illuin and Ormal, which caused a break in the continent, the Large Sea then separating Aman from Middle Earth. During the Trees Years of the , the Elves woke up at the edge of the lake Cuivienen, at the east of Middle Earth. And at this point in time Valar made with the war with Melkor, which remained in north, in its fortress of Utumno, not to leave the Prime Ministers Born under its influence . With the exit of this terrible battle, the ground trembled and the Sea still widens, absorbing broad band coastal. At the Third Age, from Middle Earth, the Elves cut off themselves in their refuges, protected by the Three Rings, and the Dwarves, expelled of Moria by Balrog whom they awoke, wandered between the Blue Mountains and the Hills of Iron, fighting against Orques and Dragons. While the kingdom of Arnor stagnated, Gondor extended, mainly in the south and the east, to reach its apogee during the eleventh century. But, the pressure of King Sorcier of Angmar in north, and of the Eastern and southernmost tribes in the south, handled by Sauron, was increasingly wild. Arnor fell at the end of two millenia and Gondor failed to do in the same way throughout next millenium. Then the War of the Ring arrived, where the Ring of Sauron was destroyed and the Free People gained the victory and released the Earth of the Medium of Darkness. Thus the age of the Men starts and whom touches at his end that of the Elves and the Dwarves.
The difficulty thus after resided has to put a orddre to present different the place and decoration... I chose the chonologic solution of the order, finally has little close, me do not want of it too much if Ca always does not follow ...
I thus will start with the village of our valorous hobbit: hobitton Hobbiton
one did not connait large thing of the hobbit and even less history of Hobbiton.
For this film the team has to carry out the decor one year before turnings to allow has the vegetation to push naturally and thus to accentuate the effect of truth... And one can say that it is a true success!
There is nothing has to say it is perfect!
It should be added that all appears small at the time of turning, but however it it east acts of a true breakage head to turn because none the Hobbits exceed 1m20 and yet the actors are of normal size. Just like Gimli, those which one followed the series sliders a little will have recognized the professor in this dwarf! Actor who measures almost 1m90 ! They ask to really small person to play somes, sometimes they just ask to the actors to put on knees, etc
If it were not located at the crossroads of two major ways of trade, the Country of Bree would be a simple agricultural community, but its strategic site gave him very an other role. The village of Bree is located on the side of a hill which dominates the intersection of the Main road of the East and the Green Way (the Old Road of North). Many Dwarves and Human pass regularly and stop in the taverns, as with the Inn of the Fringant Pony, but the inhabitants of Bree preserve an contained character and they avoid speaking the abroads. The most remarkable fact is that the population of Bree is made up at the same time of Hobbits and Human, single case in the Earth of the Medium, the two races coexisting harmoniously.
And now continue your travel.