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Middle Earth III

With the foundation of the Kingdom of Rohan in 2510 3A, the country did not have towns of important size. The first king, Éorl, thus choose to build a city on a hill with the foot of the White Mountains, city which was named Edoras. Its palate, Meduseld, were finished only in 2569 3A by the second king, Brego.
Meduseld When was built on a hill the capital of Rohan, Edoras, was set up at its top a splendid gilded palate called Meduseld. This palate was completed only in 2569 3A by Brego, second King de Rohan, and a famous banquet was organized on this occasion.
Helm Deep
The last rampart of the rohan, where takes refuge becomes populated of rider when the grounds are threatened... This legendary fortress thus hold its name of a hero for Rohan here the history:
Helm was a king of Rohan, and at the time of a council, Fréca, a lord of the Country of Dun, insulted it. Helm killed it out of a blow of fist, from where its nickname: Hammerhand (the Hand-Hammer). Four years later, Wulf, the son of Fréca, invades Rohan with an army of Dunlendings and Helm was besieged in Strong-the-Horn. During the Long Winter which followed, Helm made many exits during which it killed its enemies with naked hands, and before leaving, it made resound the its horn in the pit (which since then is called Helm Deep).
It was worth many men in the defense of the fort by the only terror which it inspired. It was thought that as long as it was not armed, no one arms could not reach it. One night, Helm did not return. It was found the morning, upright in death, hard like the rock, and no enemy did not dare to approach some. He was buried under the ninth funerary hillock, and above push as well symbelmynë as he appears snow-covered. After him, one began a new line of tumulus, his two sons having died during the war, and its successor was the son of his soeur.
The traitrise of Grima could have been fatal A the fortress of Helm which averait nevertheless to be a trap for all its Ca sde occupants taken citadel.
Minas Tirith
The new capital of Gondor after the fall of Osgiliath is a fortress impressionante... I read that some reproached the situatio in top of the citadel of the place of weapon ... I would simply like to announce that in the castles strong the room of weapons are located inside the keep, in the place protected best: it acts of the last rampart between the enemy and the lord ... Thus there is a logic has to put the place of weapon, or is located the guard of the Fountain, elite of Gondor, with this location.
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