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Middle Earth IV

Isengard, called Angrenost in Sindarin, is consisted of the Circle of Isengard, powerful fortifications which do not have that a door, and of Orthanc, the high tower of Númenoréens, which shelters Palantír. It acts of the fortress which is in the valley of Isen that one will name Nan Curunír in reference to Saroumane, in the Misty Mounts.
Isengard bis
Gondoriens maintained there a long time an autonomous garrison which remained after the Gift of Cirion. Gradually abandoned as all the other offset fortified towns of Gondor, the Men of Dun took it towards 2700 3A which made of it a position advanced for their raids on Rohan. In 2759 3A, Rohirrim dislodged about it and the tower was yielded to Saroumane by the Intendant Beren, Istar reinforced little by little the fortifications of the fortified town. Little before the War Ring, it constituted an army there. At the time of this same war, Ents literally shaved the fortress and flooded it, but the tower resisted their attacks.
Osgiliath was the capital of old Gondor, a large bridge of stone crossing Anduin was built there. In the Large Hall of Osgiliath Anárion and Isildur were together. Palantir most powerful of the Earth of the Medium, larger and heavier than the others, was installed there, under the Dome of Stars. After the rebuilding of Undermined Anor, by king Ostoher, into 472, the Kings gave up Osgiliath for Minas Anor in summer, but it is only under the Tarondor reign, in 1798, that Minas Anor becomes the permanent residence of the Kings.
In 1437 of the Third Age, at the time of the Civil war, Osgiliath is set fire to, Palantír is lost in water of Anduin. Towards 1640 3A, Osgiliath starts to fall in ruins. At the time of the catch of Undermined Ithil by Nazgűl in 2002 3A, the last inhabitants of the Fortress of Stars desert the city. From this period, Osgiliath becomes a ground of confrontation enters Minas Tirith and Minas Morgűl. In 2475, it does not remain any more that ruins of Osgiliath, the Bridge of Pierre is destroyed. During the War of the Ring, Osgiliath is attacked by Sauron on June 20 3018. It is not known if the city were recontruite at the Fourth Age ...
Amon Sűl
Located in the old kingdom of Arnor, at the end of the Hills of the Wind forming the Eastern border of Arthedain, the hill of Amon Sűl is in north of what remains Main road of the East which went from Fondcombe in Gray Le Havre while passing by the Shire . At times when Numénoréens still controlled North, a powerful tower of guard built at its top supervised the North-East in direction of the kingdom of King Sorcier, Angmar. Built by Elendil at the end of the Second Age; this tower was destroyed in 1409 3A, when King Sorcier invades Arnor. One of the seven Palantíri was there existing. It is there that Frodon is wounded by the Captain of Nazgűl, in a combe with the foot of the mount. And it is at its top that Gandalf clashes with Úlairi, three days before the passage of the four Hobbits with Aragorn.
Amon Hen
Where Boromir Dies and or the horn of Gondor is broken! The place of a heroďc battle against Huruk-Hai.
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