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People of good

The Hobbits are very strange people in the Earth of the Medium. The time of their arrival in this world is unknown with all, including Hobbits themselves.
It is peaceful people which like the tranquility and nature. They are difficult also to find because they do not love the foreigners (sourtout large people, or men) and they entitled to hide and to flee in a tenth of a second.
The Hobbits are smaller than the dwarves (They never measure more than four feet in height, i.e. 1.20 m), and much less large and hairy. They have pointed ears and buckled hair their feet is covered with hairs, and their feet developed so that they do not ayent need for shoes to go outside (which very large are compared besides with their size).They have the face broad, round and jovial with brilliant eyes and red cheeks the hobbits speak the common language, with some changes on the level of the vocabulary. It is said that the old language of the Hobbits was relatively close with that to Rohan.The Hobbits live burrows with the round door with all the generations of their family. They adore to have fun and do many festivals, or they eat, dancent and chatter. They like so much to eat that sometimes that sometimes happens to them to make more than six meals per day. They test a great worship for brewed beer. They are very hospital and accomodate any visitor cordially.One their pleasures consists in smoking of grass with pipée. They adore to be assoir in front of their house and to make rings of smoke.They live approximately hundred years, and the age of thirty-three years is the age of the passage at the age of adult.
With the end of the third age, more the share of the Hobbits are installed in the County in the area of Eriador to banks of Baranduin, although in the past, they occupied the valley of Anduin. Sometimes, they live in peace with the men, as in the village of Bree.
The Hobbits are often called "semi-men" by the other people, but they exist only in their legends.
The Men are the second children of Iluvatar, appeared after the Elves, and, contrary to the elves, from the beings mortals and comes less longer than the majority from the races. It is weakest of the races, and they succumb easily to the diseases and the roughness of the elements, but they survive thanks to their speed of reproduction, and never they were not threatened of disappearance. The men were divided into three houses: that of Bëor, that of Haladin, and that of Hador.
The kingdom of North was called Arnor, that of the south was called Gondor. Elendil and its sons were at their head. Elendil combatit with Gil-galad to reverse Sauron; Gil-galad and Elendil lost the life, and the ring malefic of Sauron was taken by Isildur, wire of Elendil.
Thus the third age started. But Isildur was killed by orcs with the fields of Iris, and the ring was lost. The troubles were not finished: Haradrim and the Eastern ones tried several times of the attacks on Gondor and Arnor, and a king wizard woke up in Angmar. But Dunadain succeeded in each time to push back their enemies, and Angmar was demolished, although they lost Arnor. In these grounds some men settled, who urent known as prowlers U Northern. Close to the misty Mounts, people come from north settled, and became Rohirrim, in the kingdom of Rohan.
About the 30ième century, the things started to be badly. Gondor started to weaken, tired by the engagements. Nazgûls left Mordor and took Minas Ithil, which they re-elected Minas Morgul.
But a heir to Elendil always lived: Aragorn, wire of Arathorn. Reforging the sword of Elendil using the elves, it combatit in the war of the ring, and the victory tore off some. Aragorn became king of Gondor, and made peace with Haradrim and the Eastern ones. Thus the fourth age, the age of the men started.
Rohan is the kingdom bordered in the south by the White Mountains and Adorn, in the west by the Misty Isen and Mounts, in north by the forest of Fangorn and Limeclaire, and in the east by Anduin and the Mering river. In 2510 3A, following the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, the Intendant of Gondor, Cirion, made gift of the province then called Calenardhon with the Men of Éothéod who accepted it by swearing the Oath of Éorl. The country was consequently called Rohan and its inhabitant Rohirrim, his leaders were the descendants of the first king, Éorl.
During its history, Rohan underwent many invasions. In 2758 3A, of Dunlendings carried out by Wulf the country invaded and occupied Edoras, but was demolished by Fréaláf, the nephew of King Helm. In 2799 3A, Orcs in escape of the Battle of Azanulbizar crossed the country to settle in the White Mountains, not to be finally driven out there into 2864. Towards 2960 3A, Saroumane, installed in Isengard at the border of Rohan, started to cause disorders in the west of the country, until invading it at the time of the War of the Ring. But thanks to the unhoped-for assistance of Huorns, Rohirrim left victorious the Battle of Hornburg and could come to assistance of their ally of always, Gondor, and make a decisive intervention during the Battle of the Fields of Pelennor.
Gondor is one of the two kingdoms of Ground Dúnedain of the Medium with Arnor, founded in 3320 2A by Elendil, just after its arrival of Númenor, which it directed with its two sons, Isildur and Anárion. It covered in the beginning all the territory ranging between Gwathló and Glanduin in the North-West, the forest of Fangorn, Limeclaire and Anduin in north, the Marsh of Died and the Mounts of the Shade in the east, Poros in the south, and the Sea in the west. Its capital was Osgiliath, located on both sides of Anduin, and its principal cities were Minas Anor (Minas Tirith), Minas Ithil (Minas Morgul), Pelargir and Dol Amroth. The country was cut out in several provinces: Anórien, Ithilien, Lebennin, Belfalas and the island of Tolfalas, Anfalas, Drúwaith Iaur, Country of Dun and Calenardhon.
From the fifth century of the Third Age, after the first attacks on behalf of Eastern, Gondor followed a policy of expansion: the grounds of the east until Rhûn and Dorwinion were conquered towards 550 3A by Turambar, Harondor in the south of Poros towards 830 by Falastur, the Umbar port was captured in 933 3A by Eärnil, and the province of Harad subjected to the authority of Hyarmendacil in 1050, which marked the apogee of Gondor.
But four century later, Gondor started its decline. The Fratricidal Fight of 1432 3A then the Great Plague of 1636 considerably decreased the power of Gondor, which was consequently subjected ceaseless attacks, to losers thus its territories of the east and south. At the time of the War of the Ring, Gondor had to be able only on the grounds in the west of Anduin and the south of the White Mountains.
To the death of Elendil and its sons, Gondor was directed by the heirs to Anárion, and this until in 2050 3A, date on which King Eärnur perishes without direct or indirect descent. The country was consequently controlled by the Superintendents until 3019, when Aragorn II restored the Reunified Kingdom.
The Elves are the first children of Iluvatar, and they are immortal. Their only physical difference with the Men is that they have pointed ears. The first elves were Finwë, Olwë and Elwë. It is known as that the first elves awoke close to the lake Cuiviénen, in the east of the Earth of the Medium, before even the creation of the moon and the sun. They had the bad luck to be discovered in first step Melkor (or Morgoth), which them tortua cruelly. It is said that that created the orcs, hideous and cruel creatures, being useful of the ténêbreux Lord. It is only with momment that Olomë, discovered a maia sent of Valars, them that the valars were well-informed. They éssayèrent of the protèger as much as possible of Morgoth.
At this point in time Valars invited them to live in Valinor.
The elves were divided then into two groups: Eldars and Avari. They are Eldars which went to live in Valinor. But, one day, Morgoth took the three jewels called Silmarils. Guided by the creator of these jewels, Fëanor, more endowed with the Elves, the people of Noldor rebèla against Valars and crossed the sea to return to the Earth of the Medium, in search of Silmarils.Fëanor and its seven sons made the war against Morgoth, but it is only with the assistance of Valars that they managed to eliminate it. After this, the elves were condemned to live on the ground of the Medium.
During the second age, when Sauron the maia started to seize the power on the Earth of the Medium, they made a coalition with the Men to fight it. It was called the last aliance.
On the grounds of Beleriand, the large kingdoms of the elves were Doriath, whose king was Elwë, and Gondolin, controlled by Turgon.
With the end of the third age, the principeaux kingdoms elfic are the refuge of Fondcombe (or Imladris into elfic) directed by the Elrond semi-elf, and the forest of Lorien, of which the capital is Caras Galadhon, controlled by Celeborn and Galadriel. There are also Gray Le Havre located on the West coast of the Earth of the Medium, controlled by Cirdan. But at that time there, the Elves prepare to sail towards the west and to leave the Earth of the Medium, cèdant their place in Hommes.>BR > Usually, the elves do not like to be disturbed by the other races, and even less when they are the Dwarves.
Contrary to the Men and Elfs, the Dwarves are not the children of Iluvatar. They were created by Valar Aulë, the blacksmith.
With the origin, Aulë manufactured the seven fathers of the Dwarves of which Durin.
Like Aulë their father, they adore the ground and the stone, and they manufactured immense galleries and weapons under the mountains of the Earth of the Medium. Their most splendid art is the work of Mithril.
The Dwarves measure between 1.20m and 1.50 m, and have all long beards. They have a language which is clean for them: Khuzdul.
Not a long time after their éveillement, it seems that Durin Trompe-la-mort founded Khazad-Dûm, also called Moria, under the Misty Mountains. Moreover in the Lord of the Rings the mines of Moria became a gigantic tomb for the dwarves of Balin...
Before that, the Dwarves lived under the Blue mountains in Beleriand.
It was a great surprise for Elfs when they discovered the Dwarves, because they were only believed to have the ability of the word. The Dwarves and the Elves were close the one to the others at the beginning of the first age.
But after the war of Silmarils, since the disaster in quoted of Doriath, the Dwarves and Elfs live separately, without any connection.The dwarves are a robust and proud race. They never suffer from sadness or rage, and they hold in account all the evil that one with caused to them.
Although they live much longer than the Men, the Dwarves are not immortal. It is known as which their death has, the Dwarves turn over to the ground from where they come and becomes again of the stone.
Ents are probably the oldest race of the Earth of the Medium. They were created by Iluvatar according to a suggestion of Yavanna. They have owe of protèger the forests of the Middle Earth.
Itbecame very rare and remains only in the forest of Fangorn. It is covered with sheets, and halfway seems to be between the tree and besides the man endeavours to protect their brothers the trees from the creatures directed by Sauron during the war of the ring. Their extinction can be explained by the disappearance of the Ents-Women, parts to settle in the Brown Grounds, and which one ever re-examined. It is a very slow race, not liking the too hasty decisions. Very large and very robust, they can remain without moving for long periods. But they can also awake and form a frightening army when they are mad.
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