Welcome at Casablanca city

Welcome in my travels in Casablanca city...

Now I'll present you Casablanca, sorry, only few pictures for the moment.
Casablanca is the economic major town of this country, the name means white house ,no relationship with the one in Washingtoin DC. In fact it is the traduction of the arabian name. The story says that the first house of this town was white, and all over the street, in the whealthy suburb, there are white houses.
This is one of the main place of Casablanca. It is in the center town:
United Nation Places, near a graet park "parc de la ligue arabe" where you can
take abreak behind trees, eat an ice cream, and a lot of other things...
You can buy some bird's food and give it to them, that could be a nice picture
and it gives always funny picture.
United Nation Place
> You are still nearly UN place in Casablanca.
I've found a lot of french site about this town, but I'm still looking for english'.
So if someone could send me some adress "dussaud@eigsi.fr" it will be great.
This is the fountain Mohamed V, ont the Un place. I lived to month on the top floor
of the building behind the fountain. It was a great view, but a noisy department.
I will now present you the most beautifull bulding of Casablanca: the Great Mosque Hassan II
When I was in Casa in 1989-91 it was still under construction,but when I came back in 1997 I've been able to visit it.
Build by the french society Bouigue, it is green, an islamic color, with the blue.
Build with old tradition, this mosque is modern too. Electrical door,
Open Roof, electricly too. And a lot of other things too!
This is the Habbous tribunal in Casablanca, nice traditional architecture
Still the green islamic color for the roof, and lovely trees in the park
And to finish on the city of Casablanca, a lovely Minaret, where the muezzin goes to call
for prayer.
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