Welcome in Argentina

Welcome in Argentina, the Gaucho country. It is like the US Cow Boy. I love this country, and I'll try to present it as well as I love it. If you encounter some mistakes, please send me an e-mail.
I'll bring you now in Buenos Aires city. Even if on a map This town seems to be on the sea, in fact it is on the "Rio de La Plata" ( that means Silver River). It is the frontier with Uruguay and it is 40 km wide. On this map you can see that Buenos Aires is a very big town. It is inhabited by 12 millions people.
Buenos Aires is a very beautiful town with a lovely historic harbor called La Boca. ( that means "the Mouth"). It is a beautifull city. Buenos Aires
And now I'll bring you in some other beautifull place of this country. First of all Ushua´a. Ushua´a is the southest town in the world and argentinian are very proud of it. So lets go toUshua´a
During the same travel I've been to the perito moreno, a beautiful glaciar near the Chilean Border.
And now lets go to the opposite side of this country, in the north, near the Bolivian Border.
This is the State of Salta end Jujuy. This are the only states where you can still found indians natives. It's a very hot place with a desert.
So lets go toSalta and Jujuy
Missiones is the place where the movie mission took place. There is a lot of old jesuite' mission all around this place. So lets go toMissiones
Just near Missiones, at the border with Brazil, and Paraguay, there isthe Iguazu falls And now you could go back to the front page. or to explore more pages.