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Welcome at La Boca

El Caminito del medio is the typical picture of La Boca. Lots of coloured houses and a lot of tourists. It's cool for small shopping, gift, and gadget, or if you like painting.
The true face of La Boca is all building, from last century, very dammage, sometimes ruine. It is sometimes dangerous by night, but it's cool for a walk in daytime.
The immigrants brough all their architectural building, from gothic to romantic, it's beautifull and very strange.
After a lot of trouble, the rich leave La Boca for the outside, to La Recoleta, then San Isidro. It's a pity, but since then the people who had to stay hadn't in off to maintain the buildings.
Soccer is like a religion in Argentina this is the entrance of the Boca Juniors Stadium. This is the team where Diego Maradonna played.
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