Welcome at Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an extend city, with a lot of square like this one. Portenos love to go walking in the afternoon after works. In fact there is always people in them because student works only half day in turn. That means that some studies in the morning and the other inthe afternoon. And a lot of people do continuous days from 8 am to 3 pm. That's way they can goo shopping and take free time. In this town you can use different way to visit. You can take a taxi, they are yellow and black and are very interressant for small travels inside the town center. You can take "Remise", it's less expensive than taxi for long travels because you only pay from the distance.
Else you can take the tube inside the town, the suburb tren to go to the outside of Buenos Aires center, you can also walk, etc. It is very pleasant to hang around in this town, and it is the best way to discaver it.
Buenos Aires is the home town of tango. This sensual dance has been created a century ago in the harbour of La Boca. Let's visit La Boca , la Recoleta et and the rest of th town.
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