Welcome in Cuba

I went to Cuba in Juillet-Aout on 1996, so the island should have changed a lot. But It must always be beautiful. The country is luxurious, magnificent landscape and Cuban are super kind. I disadvise you To do as many tourist does, that means to go only to Varadero, except when you aimeze the atmosphere club, but you would miss so much beauty would be a pity.
We went from Havana to Santiago of Cuba, so we crossed by the West to the east of the island, and openly if you can do it, I you the advice it because it was great. Let us begin by discovering Havana, capital of the country. It is some images which give only an apercus, and I would try to create a complete page on the city later. What is great it's to take the taxi to discover the city and to walk in the streets of the hurdy-gurdy city. And don't forget the famous Avenue of Malecon, on the seaside.
Then we went towards Varadero, there it is the paradise of dollars, tourism and beaches of white sand, but if you Look autrechose of your holidays don't spend too much time there, because even if it is the life dreamed, it becomes fast boring. Check all right one is allowed fast set in the idleness.
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