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Welcome in Cuba

The inhabitants of Cuba undergo the embargo of United States quite hard, and since the fall of the USSR it is of worse in worse. If the level of elimination of illiteracy and health is equivalent to French, and so superior to that of the USA, the food is to impose rationing at least vital. But the true problem lies in the food!
To go to Cuba one takes cubanair, equipped with Ill52, Soviet plane, favors: you have many space for legs, and I know about what I speak I'm 1m87! Disadvantage to repair them they vampirise planes not being able to any more repair. But finally everything takes place very well.
And here is here is a dromabus, called as it for the shape so particular. It is a trailer towed by one typical 15 tons American. It is The bus of transport of Havana. It is necessary to know that the fuel is very rare in Cuba, and often reserves for the tourists and for those that can paid in dollars. There are also pesos convertible, those this are printed by the bank of France.
Finally Cuba is the parradis of old cars.
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