Welcome in New York

EveryBody know NY, that's normal so many movies about this town, and so many famous people leaving there! I've been in New York few days, in fact I stayed in East Hampton on Long Island, that a funny place totaly in contrast with the city.
I've done the tour of manhattan in boat, it was the last day of my journey in this city and in this country but I must say that I love NY . It's amazing how people can go fast!!! I know that's seems to be a leitmotiv when a stranger discover this city but it's true! Specially for a young french like me.
This town mean more many people liberty and buildings. That's true for the second one, a lot of the most famous building in the world are there. I'll present some of them in this page. On this picture you can some of them.
One of the most famous around the world is the Empire State Building.
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