Welcome in Rabat

Welcome to Rabat, capital of Morocco since 1912. The city owes its name to establishment in this place of a fortress or ribat, by a garrison Of Islamic soldiers in 10-th century, fortress which will become a kasbah in the course of the centuries. It is there that is among others buried the first King of Morocco post protectorate, Mohamed 5. His son when to him is buried in Casablanca. Here is so the mausoleum.
A gallery does the tour of the mausoleum Where relaying, in a corner, Moulay Abdellah, brother of S.M Hassan II, Having died in 1983 As you can notice it colours are always typical of the Arabic countries, the green, the blue and the white. It is a question one of the places very tourist of the capital.
Here is the last overview of the Mausoleum.
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