Welcome in Salta and Jujuy

Welcome in the States of Salta and Jujuy, it's at the border with Chile and Bolivia, which called the NOA It's a desertic state, but there is also snow during the winter. It's cold during the night and warm during the day in the summer. It's the only state where you'll meet natives people.
It's a beautifull State, with a lot of mountain, this one its called the Paint Palette beacause you can count 7 different colours on it.
It's funny to watch tose two picture bellow, because sometimles it's happen ... You are just dreaming. But when there is rains they are heavy, and that's why the water doesn't stay at the surface.
That's was a little tour in the country, lets go now in the cities...
And now you can follow your trip in this State .