Welcome in Shakespear life

All those pictures are about a great role writer : William Shakespear. Teens know him thanks to : "Shakespear in Love" whose is a great movie. We've got little precise information on William Shakespear's life: he was born in 1564, one knows That he was a son of a ruined storekeeper, that he got married at eighteen years old and that in 1594 he was an actor and Shareholder of the troop of the lord chamberlain. In 1598, he settles down to the theater of the Globe and, in 1613 , he Remove from Stratford. The work, which includes poems (Venus and Adonis) and the collection of Sonnets, is Essentially dramatic. One can distinguish in its theater three periods: the youth ( 1590-1600 ), Which is the time of the light comedies and the historic frescoes (Henri VI, Richard III, the Shrew Tamed, Roméo and Juliette, the Dream of a summer night, the Trader of Venice, A lot of noise For nothing, Julius Caesar, As you like, the Merry Gossips de Windsor, the Twelfth Night); A period ( 1600-1608 ) was more tourmented, when the dark tragedies alternate with some comedies ( Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear, Antoine and Cléopâtre, Coriolan, Helm of Athens); to leave Of 1608, a period of more serene inspiration, with the romantic details(rooms) (Cymbeline, Winter tale, The Storm). Shakespear's work distinguishes itself by its variety, by the poetic virtuosity and rhetoric Of its writing, its power and often even its meaning violence, by the perfect mastery of his Progress and the dramatic construction.
This is his house.
This is his wife's house.
The same from the garden.
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