Welcome in Tetouan

Tétouan was based in the III-th century avenue. J.C. by the Moresque which looked to their Tamuda's name. In Ier century, the city falls into the hands of Roman which there do a strengthened city. In the XIV-th century, the dynasty of mérinides seizes of Tamuda's control and builds the new city Tétouan. But the due instability in A growing influence of the pirates and the rebels pulls the destruction of Tétouan by Henri III de Castille in 1399.
The population of Tétouan gets bigger and becomes in the XVI-th century Mainly Moslem and Jewish. The piraterie disappears but the prosperity of Tétouan bound to the activity pirates declines. In the XVII-th century, the city was occupied by them Spaniards during three years increases the activity thanks to the exchanges Commercial with Spain. It becomes in 1913 a city of protectorate Spanish until the independence of Morocco in 1956.
It is a very nice city then , please , go is not it there far from Tangier.
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