Welcome in Turkey

Welcome in the city of the Sultans, connections between the east and the West. Istanbul the Magnificent was for a long time one War places among the Christians and the Moslems. Now It is a symbol. Istanbul should be made it whole but we had not this luck. Indeed we have sudden the earthquake. But it did not affect us as much as the population. Here is the famous Church Ste Sophie.
And most famous Mosque Bleue. Evidement that it is necessary to visit these places but it is good also of this to lose in the streets of the city To take the taxi, to stroll on foot.
The presidential palace. Turkey is often pointed surt the point of view of human rights But it is not necessary to forget that in this country Moslem the women are free. The state is laic and the army is a guarantor Of this secularism. For us European it seems incredible. But in this country the army intervenes in the political life To protect institutions and constitution.
By trailing round you you will find beautiful typical and quiet streets, or it is good to roam.
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